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Our portfolio of services includes:

Insurance Loss/Damage Surveys  

When cargoes had been damaged in transit, the objective is to determine the nature, extent of loss and where possible to establish the cause of damage for any claim for compensation.

This is the most common type of survey and we undertake on behalf of insurers or their representatives, brokers, cargo owners and shipping agents.


Pre-Shipment Condition Surveys

The purpose of a pre-shipment condition survey of the cargo is to report on the condition of a particular cargo or the condition of the ship or both, prior to the cargo being loaded.

Supervision/Overseeing Surveys

We may become involved in supervision, management of the transportation, the planning process to ensure that all the precautions that need to be taken have been. We may then supervise the actual cargo loading and/or unloading process to make certain that everything goes according to plan. These types of survey are particularly common with high value and project cargoes.


Quality and Quantity Surveys

Our qualified surveyors determine whether or not a specific cargo meets a specific requirement and these surveys will normally involve the collection and documenting of samples for laboratory analysis.

Quantity surveys may involve tallying or draft surveys.

Warranty Surveys

Warranty Survey is the verification of requirements laid down by the Insurer or Underwriter in the Warranty Clause in connection with the respective marine operations to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken to avoid loss.

A cargo warranty survey may for example, require the surveyor concerned to verify and report on the manner or method by which a specific high value ‘project’ cargo is lifted and/or transported.


Accident Investigation Surveys

Our role of the survey is to report properly all of the factors and influences that led to the incident, to establish the facts and to obtain as much corroborating evidence as possible. 


Risk Assessment Surveys

Risk assessment is the “process of assessing the level of risk   related to a potential source of danger, damage, accident or harm.

This type of survey is a useful business tool in virtually all sectors of commerce and industry.

Hull & machinery

In cases where damage has occurred to a vessel we may become involved in providing the assistance in, examining any damage as well as any repair charges which may be incurred at the port.

P&I Claims

Loss Prevention Surveys

Coordinate salvage of damaged cargoes.


Salvage and recovery

Insurance Consultant Services

Property evaluation

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